myPlane is a unique and revolutionary platform to enquire, sell and manage charter flights on a real-time basis.
Linking the airline supply with market demand.
With myPlane, the new era of charter
flights is based on real-time bookings.
No more waiting.
myPlane's born-global marketplace serves airlines, travel agencies and consumers alike.
Excess aircraft capacity for the win.

For airlines :

Utilize your excess and idle capacity to sell charter flights & more

For travel agencies :

Offer totally customized solutions to your group clients, in real-time

Our mission is to digitalize the charter flight enquiries, sales and management processes globally, and to link the aircraft supply with demand in real time.

We work with leading airlines and travel agencies globally, offering a unique and one-of-a-kind marketplace for ad-hoc charter flights.

Manage, enquire, sell, rent and coordinate everything in one centralized platform, on a real time basis.


Helps airlines bounce back stronger and faster, by giving them the tools to turn their excess aircraft capacity into revenue and profit.

Helps travel agencies cater for their groups in a modern, efficient, and flexible way, on a real-time basis.

Helps consumers and group clients get flexibility and totally customized options into their journey.

Helps airline manufacturers increase the demand for their orders.

Helps transform the travel industry into the modern post pandemic era.

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The global pandemic is not just a crisis, but also a one-time opportunity to change, innovate & win market share. Lead the way into the future with myPlane’s one-of-a-kind solutions.